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Moving a SE sequence LED channel to a PE RGB Channel

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Is there a way to move an already sequenced channel from SE to PE?  Here is my dilema.  I started out using SE because all of my lights were regular LED strings (Go Lowes!).  The last two years I have been adding more and more RGB lights and this year I am planning on switching a section of lights that were LED and sequenced in PE over to RGB.  Instead of having to re-sequence some of the exact same timings is there a way to copy?  Asking now, so if there isn't I have plenty of time to start over!!



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Following, I have a similar issue.  I am just trying to be able to copy (or open) my sequences done in SE into PE.  SO I do not have to place ALLLLL the beat marks again.

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Open SE, click top bar "Help", "type import sequence to pixel editor" or "migrate sequence to pixel editor" and then select the how to import portion. That should work for you. I am not voiced enough on PE to give you more than that. I have created one sequence with PE and that's all. That was in January creating my Halloween sequence.

Hopefully this will at least get you started and I am sure someone will come along and give more knowledge.

Also here is a link to a current conversation that may help and or PM those within and ask for their knowledge.


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