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RGB Star importing correctly but adding views from saved channel config adds multiple copy of star channels

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I have a prop defined in my version v4 files as an RGB star....unit 7 start circuit 1 end circuit 150. It works correctly in in V4. I just did an import of the old file. In my V5 track 1 all channels I see 2 entries for the star. The first shows the prop as archived with 50 pixels and the 7 additional macro channel. The 50 channels appear as "migrated" The macro channels I got a warning message for as expected. So far so good.

I have various views saved in a channel configuration. When I import the new channel configuration, I suddenly see 7 rows in the same "track 1 all channels", for the star, that previously had only 2. Instead of Star effect 01 and 02 I now see star effects 01,02,01,01,02,01,02. The effects are in the last 2 channels 01, and 02 and appear to function as expected. I am seeing this in other RGB props, but this was the easiest to explain. Obviously it get confusing have all these duplicate channels hanging around in different views

Any idea what is going wrong?



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 I looked at this issue a more this am and as mentioned above something similar is happening to my RGB pixel trees when I apply the channel config.


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