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Multiple Pixel Controllers

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Just a curious question for everyone running multiple Pixel Controllers.  How are you connecting them via Cat5e?  What I mean is , do you have a switch in a central location they all connect to, or do you have multiple switches?  Last year I only had 2 Pixcon 16's on the roof with a switch in one of the enclosures.  This year I'm adding 5 more Pixel Controllers around the yard.  So my question is would it be better to have One single switch or is it okay to run multiple switches near groups of Controllers? Or does it really matter?  I'm running them all on E 1.31, and putting the switches in enclosures and powering them is not an issue. 

Here are the switches I'm using  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00002EQCS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1  ( I bought them a couple years ago when they were 1/2 the price)


                                    PC ----------- Switch ------------------------------------Switch                                                                                                 Pixcon16    e6804      e6804

                                                 /           I          \                                  I             \                                                                                                           \         I         /

                                     Switch         e6804       e6804               Pixcon16       Pixlight4                         or                                        PC ------------------Switch ----------  Pixcon16

                                /           I         \                                                                                                                                                                                /       I       \

                     e6804    Pixcon16   Pixcon16                                                                                                                                                  Pixlight4   e6804    Pixcon16

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Well, my home LAN is not exactly "normal".  Similarly the LAN for the E1.31 is not exactly "normal", but here goes:

Used for year round landscape lighting:

PC <---> Garage switch <---> AC column switch <---> E6804 #1 (planter and future walkway strips)

PC <---> Garage switch <---> Family room switch <---> E6804 #2 (roses)

Now for the added stuff for Christmas:
PC <---> Garage switch <---> Family room switch <---> East attic switch <---> E682 #1 (pixel tree)

PC <---> Garage switch <---> Family room switch <---> East attic switch <---> E682 #3 (GECE on eves - also used for Halloween)

PC <---> Garage switch <---> AC column switch <---> E682 #4 (perimeter string and future candy canes)

If you were paying attention, there are four switches, and soon there will be a fifth.  Except for the East attic switch, all are managed switches that are handling multiple VLANs.  The East attic switch is a consumer grade "WiFi router" that has the router functions and WiFi disabled so it's only being used as a switch on my E1.31 LAN.

Daisy chaining switches is not a problem.


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I had 7 controllers this past year. I put an 8 port switch in a plastic box out in the center of the yard. Ran one cable from PC to switch and then all of the controllers to the switch. Most controllers only needed a 50 foot cable at that point. Used a few 25 foot cables and 1 100 foot cable.

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