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S5 not supporting CCR Macros

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I've been converting my S4 sequences into the S5 Beta (both 5.0.0 and 5.0.4) and I'm not finding any support for the CCR macros. For example, in every sequence I have one or more CCRs set to a logical resolution of 1 (channel 151 = "1") at some point in the sequence. When I import the visualization from S4 into a new Preview the macro channels are not included (not unexpected since they were not actually part of the the visualization definition). However, when I import the S4 sequence I get a warning notice that the macro channels are not found in the preview, and have been relegated to the ARCHIVE section of the sequence. Furthermore, when I run the sequence the Preview only illuminates the first pixel.

Thinking it was just a mismatch in the preview -> visualizer, I added 7 "hidden" channels to the Preview for each CCR and mapped them to the CCR macro channels (same controller, channels 151-157). Now when I import the sequence I no longer get the warning messages. Unfortunately, the Preview still illuminates only the first pixel.

So even though the visualizer didn't have the macro channels defined, it knew how to apply them to the displayed pixels to emulate the hardware. Likewise, I'm fairly certain that if I enabled 'Control Lights' and plugged in the controller the CCR would operate as before. So why wouldn't the Preview reflect this? Does the S5 assume everything must use the Enhanced Pixel Protocol?

While I doubt I'm the only programmer that used the CCR macros, I couldn't find where this has been discussed anywhere else. I searched through the beta bug reports and beta comments and only found one other user that commented on CCR Macros, but it was an off-topic tangent in another conversation so it never got a response. If I somehow missed it I apologize for the duplication.

So before I go through the pain of editing every sequence to copy/paste P1 into every other pixel for every CCR, I wanted to know if this was an intentional design decision, or something that might be slated for a later beta version. 

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CCR macro channels will be taken into account during preview playback in a future beta release.


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