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Stacy R

Pixel tree-what do I need?

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I am wanting to build a pixel tree but I'm not sure what all I need. Ive got two 16 channel controllers. I know I will need the strings of pixels, but not sure what all I need. I was thinking the pixcon16 with a power supply. Do I need a dmx too?  Not sure  

Thanks for the help 


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Start by taking a look at the web page for my pixel tree:


There are a number of other sources, but I know where mine is :)

No, you don't need to go DMX, but you can if you want to.  The Pixcon allows use of either E1.31 (DMX over e1.31) or LOR networking which give you some options.

BTW, my tree is using E1.31 with pixels from Ray Wu in China.


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