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Drew layout in S4 visualizer, Saved but now can't import to a sequence (saved as .lee but only loads .lcc)

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Maybe I am just having n00b issues. Last year I drew a dotted display in the animation window and was able to save it.

I still see those files but this year I designed my new layout in visualizer. Saved the file in multiple places but noticed it is saving it as .lee file and not .lcc

Problem I have is there is no option to export it only save it. I saved it multiple times under different names Now the problem is when I go to make a sequence it is only giving me the option to import a .lcc file and not a.lee file. Maybe I am missing something but I was experimenting with visualizer and drew the entire layout and light strings but now after I saved that, I can not figure out how to bring it in to a sequence so I can edit the channels and what not. Am I missing something? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I did not want to spend 2 days drawing my layout dot by dot in the animation window. So I tried the visualizer instead then can across the file extension issue when it was saved. I can't seem to import it into a new sequence.

Any suggestion or help would be great. Many of you are vip's when it comes to this. I am still in learning mode lol.

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An LCC file is the channel config file for Sequence Editor and has nothing to do with the Visualizer. If I remember correctly and it has been a while, the Animation data was saved in the LCC file but not for the Visualizer which has its own LEE file.

The LEE file is the layout for the Visualizer and has nothing to do with the Sequencer but it can be user with Superstar.

The Visualizer layout is stored in the LEE file usually in the default Sequences folder ( I think), but it can be anywhere.

The LEE  file is created in Visualizer by doing a SAVE or SAVE AS from the File Menu.There is also an import command on the File Menu but this is for importing individual Props and Fixtures, not the whole config.

The LCC file is used in Sequence editor to import a previously exported channel config and has nothing to do with the Visualizer and should not even be visible in the Vis File Open dialog which will only show LEE files If they are there.

To Load a Visualizer LEE file, in Visualizer click on File Open and select it.. If it is not there or you are not sure where it is, do a search in Windows Explorer. 

To Import a Channel Config  in Sequence Editor Click on Edit Export/Import Channel Config, then Import Config and select it.. If it is not there or you are not sure where it is, do a search in Windows Explorer. 

If you did not Export the LCC Chanel config file from SE you still can it you load the sequence from last year and export the LCC from Sequence Editor.


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Yep, Phil got it right - see, your memory is not totally shot!

You will use Visualizer to watch the simulation of your show, but if you're sequencing in Sequence Editor, you have to create the configuration in S.E.  That is one advantage of SuperStar (how I do all my sequencing), is that SuperStar can read a Visualizer .lee file to set the configuration.


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Thank you guys. I guess I was getting confused watching some tutorials online and saw people creating a file with mega tree, spiral trees and stuff but when I try to do it on the standard visualizer it does not work the same. Now that I watched a couple more it seems to be I missed the part they were doing it in superstar. I think I was doing it the old fashioned way with drawing dots in the visualizer. Might need to look into superstar.  Seems that most people prefer that anyways.

Thanks again for the replies :)

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