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SPT-1 and C9 Spools

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caniac    205

when I am looking I look at HolidayCoro, Holiday lights express, and Novelty lights.  Novelty lights can be a bit pricey but they do seem to have EVERYTHING.

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sax    66

I typically get my spt wire from radiant holidays .


I paid $106 for 1000' of spt-2 a few years back.  They are now $180 without the sale....but free shipping.   Spt-1 is cheaper.

Last year I bought my wire from LOR during the summer sale.  Right now even without being on sale LOR is a few bucks cheaper but no free shipping.  

Alternatives include Home Depot or Lowes.  They sometimes go on sale at their local stores.  Or look for open box there.  Home Depot had an online only sale once that made them about $150 for 1000'.  Pick up at your local store so no shipping.


I would wait  wait for LOR summer sale and purchase. 


The bad bad news is almost all the sales start in January/February and are long over.  The good news is LOR typically has a summer sale.  

But if you need your stuff for Halloween be warned....my last year order from LOR summer sale did not make it in time.  It was because of their new pixcon 8 which kept getting delayed.  LOR did not seperate the order so I had to wait.  All other LOR summer purchases I have made prior to last year did reach me in time.


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