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SS VizEffect Issue only when ativated by S5 Sequencer

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Not sure where to post this as it only involves SS when activated by S5 Sequencer. If it's in the wrong place, feel free to move.

I found an issue with Superstar and (S5)Sequencer. It appears (to me) to be a screen redraw function.

In the gif below, this is SS running from S5 after the Insert Superstar Effect was chosen. If I use the VisEffect and click the "Shrink Visualization for visEffects button, then click it again, the screen does not redraw properly leaving most of the prop out of the window. Hopefully the gif will illustrate what I mean.


I can reproduce this issue on several different props. A Matrix, Tree and Spinner.

This only happens when SS is activated by S5 Sequencer. If SS is run separately this is not an issue. Never has been that I can remeber.

Thought you would want to know.


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