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50W Flood Photos (in use)

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Does anyone have photos of your LOR 50W floods in use? I'm familiar with the 10W devices, but I'm wondering how bright the 50w are and how big they spread when placed near a wall or tree.  Got any photos to share of your display?

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Since Photobucket got greedy on 3rd party posting, and Tapatalk doesn't work with the latest forum update, I don't have pictures to share at this time. 

I can however direct you to my YouTube account and show you a simple RED WHITE BLUE sequence shining on red bricks and white-ish stone. 

(Side note. Bought the 2 floodlights in this video from Don. Thanks again...)

Here's my first test inside on dark wood background. Was playing around with strobe effect and such.

Love them. Bought another last year. 

Here's all 3 in my show. 


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3 hours ago, Crimson Lane Lights Etown said:

I used one 50 W RGB Flood on each of my two Clay colored garage doors mounted from the top.  I thought the color intensity was great.  I only have video on you tube.  Search Crimson Lane Lights if you want.

Tried to watch a video of yours - but it annoyed me tremendously..




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