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Feature request using Picture Effect

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Is there any chance of creating a movement option in the Picture Effect to start the picture on then scrolling it off?  I know the "Peek-a-Boo" will scroll on then back off again, but I just want the second part.  I know SS will give you some options for this, but I haven't converted over to SS yet.


Work around-

In case anyone else is wondering about this.  I use a lot of pictures on my 126 x 63 pixel matrix.  I use Paint.net to create them by setting up the canvas to the same size as my matrix and drawing them myself.  To get the picture to be on then scroll off, here is how I figured out how to do it. 

In the preview I set my matrix as two halves, a left and a right.  Then I grouped them together to make the complete matrix.  In Paint, I take the picture I want to use and cut it in half as well, naming them left and right.  So now there are 3 pictures, a whole and two halves.  In the sequence grid, I open the tabs under the Matrix Group so the Matrix left and Matrix Right props are showing.  I insert the picture effect for each of these for the time I want it on with no movement.  In the same time frame on the Group line I insert the whole Picture using picture effect with the "Peek-a-Boo" movement and some hold time.  When I'm ready for the picture to scroll off, I turn off the effect on the Matrix Left and Matrix Right lines.  I found that setting effects on the individual props themselves override the effects set when used as a  group in the same time frame.  So the way it all turns out is that the Matrix Left and Matrix Right make the picture I want, the Group Line is using the "Peek-A-Boo" movement, but is not seen until I turn off the Matrix Right and Matrix Left in the middle, then the picture scrolls off.  The trick is to turn off the individual props (Matrix Left and Matrix Right) during the hold time on the group line so the picture scrolls off from the same point.  Thanks for listening.

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