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Trouble with Larger Show; Weird Flashing on RGB


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Hey all,

My wife and I built a new house last year and the show got a lot bigger as a result.  We quadrupled the number of CCRs and CCDs we had going.  When the show goes, it does work, but, there's a weird effect going on with some of the RGB devices.

As the show goes, they just flash/blink quick for some reason at random intervals, and sometimes the RGB devices try to fire but don't and just blink out, like with the CCR lights going from the center out and back in, it just flashes the entire bar, blinks out, then continues.  It's like there's too much for the network but we didn't break the single network upper limit.  Some of the 50W lamps also had a flicker issue (we have 5 total).  Overall, the shows performed at 99% effectiveness, and all of the regular non RGB LEDs worked perfect.  Just the RGBs had these issues, and it takes away from the show when they blink like that.

Any thoughts?

Also unrelated, last year two of my CCD boxes burnt out, like dangerous burnt out.  The inside of the little green boxes had black burn marks on the lid and when I plugged it in after the season, the circuit board shorted out in a fantastic display of sparks which thankfully didn't burn 'me' but still the unit's dead.  Anyone else seen this happen?

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