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transfering software license

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The time seems to have come that I will no longer be needing my LOR software.  I have the Pro Edition 4.3.18 and SS with a 40 CCR license.  (pixel editor is in there somewhere). 

I upgraded last year when S4 came out, but I was dark last year and never actually used it passed the point of figuring out I wasn't going to use it anymore. 

How do I go about transferring ownership should I want to do that? 



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I don't believe the licenses are transferrable to someone else. This was in the license Q&A section so it probably applies to transfers as well:

When buying Light-O-Rama software you are purchasing a license for your use only.  You cannot resell the license to anyone else.
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First off I want to give it to someone, not sell it.  I wanted to give my license to someone else that is just starting out... Figured it would be a good  way to get them involved with LOR...  Lesson learned.  I will explain why I can't give them something I paid for and didn't use and send them a link for "an alternative". 

The last time I paid for the renewal, the software was.. well, quite frankly.......  not very good.... for many reasons.  I never used the S4 I paid for other than to figure out it wasn't very good after I renewed it. I thought it would get way better quickly.  I see now that I should have never paid for that renewal with nothing more than a hope it would get better.  Again, lesson learned.

I have been a long time supporter of LOR as most of you know, and I thought by renewing my license, I was helping support the software's quick development.. I believe now that I was in error.       In my opinion LOR software.... well, never mind.. I will just  take my lumps, learn my lesson and move on to other platforms. 

I know some of you like the software as it is, so please don't pile on this thread, it won't matter......glad you like it......... I said my peace, I will stop being pissed off at some point, (it's not the money).....  But I won't forget....

Plasmadrive........over and out..

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