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K6ccc Thank You Once Again

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Not enough thank you's floating around these days.

Wanted to say thank you to Jim. I was having issues exporting sup files to SE with intensity data. Couldn't figure out why it was so difficult and why the channels were not correct on my tree vis. I used the error box that popped up in SE to "use PE or SS to change channel settings". Changed in PE but that didn't work. Couldn't figure out how to get channels 1-16 without the 0A..... channels. Just 1-16.

Jim took a look and corrected the tree. strands and now everything looks great.

At the same time I was having major issues with SE just not working. After many hours figured out somehow all of my audio devices got deactivated in my laptop. Between the LOR HD finally got that straightened out.

Honorable mention to the LOR HD team - responded to my question early this morning - I expected with the S5 rollout I would be waiting longer. 

Honorable mention to Mr. P as well, he took time to respond to my question as well

Thank you everyone


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I forgot to mention that Jim even took time out of his daily commuter train card game! Priceless!!


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