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      1/18/2018 - LOR has resumed operations after the fire   01/17/2018

      As of 1/18 we have resumed operations.  On 1/16 a fire occurred in the same building that houses the main LOR offices and manufacturing.    More information can be found in 'Important Announcements'.    

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For what it's worth, On this old XP desktop, I had installed the 5.0.0 beta within a few minutes of it being released.   As a test in response to this thread, I attempted to go back to 4.3.18.  It worked perfectly using this procedure:

Using the Windows Add / Remove programs, remove Light O Rama.  For whatever reason, on this computer, I have to this for EVERY LOR upgrade.

Install LOR version 4.3.18 using the downloaded installation file.

After the installation, Open Sequence Editor.  Verify license information (it was OK)

To test the installation, I opened several files using Sequence Editor, SuperStar, and Visualizer.  All worked properly.

Next step, put 5.0.0 back on this one...


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2 minutes ago, PhilMassey said:

Matt, I only found it because when I re installed S4 and ran Lorpost it choked. Upon looking in the x86 folder I found the Ver 5 Lorpost.exe still there instead of the S4 Version.

Ah, same here.  That's interesting....

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In response to Phil's report, as noted in my previous post, I also found that LORPost.exe was still the version from S5.  So the next step was to remove S4, and then look at the C:\Program Files\Light-O-Rama directory.  There were four files left after the installation:


LORPost.exe (had the S5 icon)


SSEdit_4.3.18.exe  (a renamed version of SuperStar as I was using a custom version).

I deleted the C:\Program Files\Light-O-Rama directory, and then reinstalled 4.3.18 from the downloaded installation file.

That got rid of the S5 LORPost and all worked properly.



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