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S5/Beta 1 - FX generator locking up a lot

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When I choose "all" of my props to add something like "Fireworks" to in effect generator the entire program locks up once I choose fireworks from the dropdown. Eventually it unfreezes a minute or so later but obviously it shouldn't be doing this

Windows 10

Beta 1 of S5

around 38 props

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I can confirm this, I can make SE crash very consistently while applying Pictures effects (naming animated gifs) to ALL props. In fairness to the program I have yet to explore the size of the gifs. It is awesome to be able to do this, however some tweaking of the gifs on my part would probably help.  The common theme seems to be applying effects to ALL props at the same time.

Win 10

Number of Props: 95 <- (this doesn't seem right I only have 4 Smart Led props that I am applying effects too) My preview may need tweaking
Number of Bulbs: 2950
Number of Channels: 8850
Number of Groups: 13

Number of RGB Pixel Props: 95
Number of RGB Pixels: 2950
Number of RGB Pixel Channels: 8850

Number of Non-Pixel Props: 0
Number of Non-Pixel Channels: 0

2 Pixie 16's, 3 CCR's, 4 CCP.'s


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Responsiveness/performance of the Effect Generator will be better in the next beta release.


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