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CCF compatibility question

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Hi guys...

I have the old style CCFs lighting the front of my house year round. They are the ones that have the long, narrow lamp head. I have one head that has a failed LED in one of the elements (one color in one of the LEDs not working). My question is, are the new RGBF 10W floods compatible? Can I replace the old CCF head with a new RGBF head, or will I have to buy a whole new RGBF kit (heads, controller, power supply, enclosure...)? I don't really want to change out everything, but it appears that the old style CCF is no longer supported.

Thanks a lot for your response. 


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Disregard my question. I decided that it might be more expedient to go to LOR helpdesk for an answer. The got back to me within minutes. The new RGBF heads are not compatible with the old CCF controller. 

Thanks for looking.


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