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      1/18/2018 - LOR has resumed operations after the fire   01/17/2018

      As of 1/18 we have resumed operations.  On 1/16 a fire occurred in the same building that houses the main LOR offices and manufacturing.    More information can be found in 'Important Announcements'.    

Pixcon 16 and Strips For Sale

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I have several items for sale. I purchased these to creating leaping arches and have since decided to simply go with ccr's instead of doing it the diy method. As such the following items are up for sale. I would like to sell everything as a package as it would be easier for me. If I don't get anyone interested in everything I will of course part things out. 

1: Pixcon 16 (I've powered on to make sure it worked and run a test run on a single strip. Has never been outside).

2 400 watt Holiday Coro power supplies (Both have been powered on to make sure they work, one was used to power up the pixcon 16, neither have been outside)

1 CG-1500 enclosure (currently the Pixcon 16 is mounted in this. Never been outside)

2 Holidaycoro RGB Pixel strips (full) 60 led/60 IC per meter (these are brand new, never been outside)

4 Holidaycoro RGB Pixel Strips (Partials) 60 led/60 IC per meter (I cut these when i was making my leaping arches). I will throw these in for free. 

To buy these right now would cost 423.90 plus shipping. I of course did not pay current prices but would like to get at least 200 plus shipping for everything above. 

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Lightingnewb, I haveCTB16PC controllers and 2 CMB24D controllers for sale. I will try to attach a picture.

I am asking $150.00 for the CTB16PC and $125.00 for the CMB24D.





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