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Adding a Image ?

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I have been using this feature a lot lately. I have found that I get better results if I crop the image and remove all extra pixels around the sides and only crop what I want to see on the prop. ie. if I only want to see the face of the Pink Panther, no need to use a picture of his full body. Cropping it makes the image larger when you import it. If you Enlarge a small picture surrounded by extra pixels it can distorted in a hurry.


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On 1/30/2017 at 11:18 AM, BrianBruderer said:

Images on a Grid Larger than Your Actual Lights

For example, if you have 12 CCRs and you are in CCR mode then you have a grid of 12x50 pixels in your actual display. However, when you import the image the Grid Mode will automatically be set to “Large” and the grid will become large and will be 64x50 pixels in size. Even though your actual lights are only 12x50 pixels in size, you can create a larger image and move the image through your 12x50 pixels. This allows you to display large images on a small grid. To do this, do the following:

In the Import Image section, click on the “Import image File (JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, ICO, etc)” button

The sequencing grid becomes larger and will be 64x50 pixels in size.

Manipulate the image but keep it large so that it uses most or all of the 64x50 pixels

Click on the “Set Grid Bitmap from Image File” button

If you want, manually edit the pixels further

In the “Image” section type in a name and click on the “Add” button

Now you want to add an image action that will move the image through your 12x50 pixels, so do the following:

Set the Grid Mode to “Standard”, this will change the grid to be the size of your actual display

n the time ruler at the top of the screen, set the time length to something long such as 4 seconds

In the Image Action section set Start x, y to 12, 0 and set the End x, y to -64, 0

In the Image Action section click on the “Add” button

Click on the “Play 8 seconds” button to play the Image Action. You should see the Image move through your 12 CCRs from right to left.

To make the image move from left to right, set Start x,y to -64, 0 and set End x, y to 12, 0. Note that these values assume your image is 64 pixels wide. If it is not that wide, then you would use smaller values.

Ok, so I followed the directions above. (I have a standard 12-ribbon tree layout)  When I switch back to standard grid and click on play the only thing I see is one pixel moving across the tree not the whole image.  What am I missing?  Please help.

Thanks, Sally

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Nevermind...I figured it out.   Missed the "add the image" step. I was working right from the image action box. My bad.


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