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2 minutes ago, a31ford said:

My twins post....

Ive been to Manitoba, I grew up way upstate NY and retired from Fort Drum which pretty much borders you.

Believe this or not, it took my wife and I 9 hours once to reenter the US. All because I purchased a paper shredder in Watertown, NY and it stayed in the trunk (boot) while we went to a Josh Grobin concert in Quebec, never went back since. They removed all seats, was confused about my license plates, drivers license, wife is Asian but born in USA, didn't believe her. They actually had us separated upon questioning. Because I was on leave I could not produce my Military ID. That would have been a major problem.

Of course they are US officials coming back in but man. We did see several black bears on our travel playing in a field. I am used to black bears though.

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LOL, im quite sure YOU are glad you never came back to Manitoba. It's a gawd awful place. Cold as heck, tons of snow had to give up on our christmas show this year.. you can only see the heads of our 5ft tall toy solders because of the snow we got...

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Actually I LOVE snow and cold. As I stated I am from the snow belt (used to get a lot more when I was growing up). At Fort Drum we got feet per hour, Of course you get other gifts with the snow and cold. Children. I always wanted to drive across Canada from Thousands Island Bridge to over in Seattle- Vancouver but never made it. :(

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