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Derkngoogly    11

Post Christmas stress Disorder, ok my first year at this, wanted to rip it down several times and rip my hair out had issues etc. but now i am so bored and have to keep watching my vids of my show. I am in amazement that i pulled it off, made some friends, won first in my city. Went broke, and now i sit ready to cry. Sad i left me mega tree up for a few more days just do not want it to end!!! My question is anybody else feel like this? Should i quit now or get in deeper??????


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BMurray    55

I've already put my self down for 6 days of extra overtime over the next month..... You can't quit... NEVER... EVER....... EVER. It's in your blood now.  I tell myself with all the work I put into this and that that the next year I'm gonna take a break..... NOPE.  I get the itch after everything starts coming down.  Then for the next 6 months I'm pulling extra overtime to pay for all the sale stuff I'm gonna buy. 

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Dennis Laff    103
13 hours ago, Dennis Laff said:

pixels are on sale, buy more get ready for next year.you know you can't quit .

Hoilday Coro. Starts Jan 16 2016.   Holiday Lights Express. Now . DIY LEDs Express  now 

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