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New House, Mounting Lights

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Hello everybody,

I just moved to a new house after Christmas, and of course my 2017 display will be in my new house.

As with my old house, the eaves have a wooden fascia board, which makes it very easy to screw in some cup hooks for quick and easy light attachment.

The problem comes with my garage - no wood visible.  The entire border of the garage is stucco.  And since the home was built only 12 years ago, I am guessing that it is actually a product called EIFS, which is designed to look like stucco but has something akin to styrofoam beneath it.  I have, therefore, two options:

- Build a wooden frame that fits on the inside of the garage door frame, and find some way to mount it
- Find a way to install cup hooks into the stucco material

Ideally, I want to use some kind of stainless steel cup hooks because it makes light hanging and takedown a breeze.

Does anybody have experience with this?


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My garage doors and windows have wood, but I didn't want to make a permanent hole. I explored in Home Depot and found this semi-plastic like "moulding" like material for cheap... cuts like wood but is soft... sturdy and could hold the lights we mounted.


Originally we used rope light around the windows... last year ('16) we used RGBs... mounted onto PVC frames we built. For the garages, we used the same material both years.

For the PVC frames, we used double points staples (here) and zip tied the PVC directly to that. No problems with weight. The garage doors only took two or three tiny screws to keep the material in place.

Please let me know if you need help. Takedown and install were both easy when California wasn't about to be attacked by the River of Rain. (hahaha)

Directions/materials for the PVC RGB mount I can share via email or on here if you'd like.



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