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Questions what to buy?

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I have been following the LOR shows for a few years now on the home page.  Back in the mid 90’s I would decorate the house with lights, even made paper as lights to go see.  Kids grew and moved so kinda fell out of the big display.  But… now have a granddaughter turned 1 this December.  Ready to vamp up my house again.  So, have a lot of questions before I buy my setup.  To start, really want to use a self-contained system with a total of 32 channels with FM transmitter.  The ShowTime Central is one option.  I would like the Advance license but it comes with the basic, How do I get the Advance?  Also, have option of the G3-MP3 Director with a Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0 and buy the residential or pro series controllers to go with it.  Which way is best to go?  Figure I will be expanding at some point and might use RGB at some point.  Want to start off right and now is the time so I will have the summer to prepare.

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Yes the Showtime residential starter is the way to go. At the time you purchase ask for the upgrade and you will get a discount (lesson learned here). Its an all inclusive you just build, purchase or better yet "share" sequences build your sequence based on your lights and write to an SD Card. Insert card and run show!

Your grandaughter will love it.

Best of luck and Happy Lighting

I believe it comes with Basic + but

Or just jump in heads first to CCR etc.



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If I were starting from scratch, 100% dumb RGB ribbon and strings.  No AC strings.  DC controllers.  For first year, add pixels when ready for adventure.

Going the RGB route, you can do so many creative things.  Permanent landscape lighting, change it up for whatever holiday, less to setup for the big show.

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