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My 2016 Display!


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Hey all! 

As many of you know this is my first year doing a LOR powered light show. I took on a lot more than I think I should have my first year, but I LOVE how the show turned out! Now that I have got such good feedback from the neighbors and the community, I have already started planning the additions to next years light show!! We will be adding 37 new props for next year, and I am super excited for this!! However, it's time to share with you all my display from this year!

Here is an overview of the light show from this year:

IMG_0183 small.jpg

And here are a few videos for you all:





Sorry that the videos are not the best quality. I am looking at getting a new camera for next year's light show!! 

I have recorded more videos of the show, but I am still in the process of editing them for uploading! So check back soon for more videos! Let me know what you all think. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


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Thanks everyone for the feedback so far!! :) There should be a few new videos today! (Hopefully!)


On 12/23/2016 at 3:49 PM, jtomason said:

First year?




Wow.   Very nicely done!


Yes! First year! :)

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