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Voltage KILLS! (your low voltage RGB devices/pixels)

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I harp on people being careful around electricity and exercising caution, but this post isn't about you killing yourself - it is about you killing your Low Voltage LED/Pixel stuff.

You MUST, and let me repeat that M U S T, ensure that you are using the proper voltage power supply for your pixels or other low voltage device.  Every controller that I know of (and this includes ALL LOR controllers) output whatever voltage you feed them.  When you give a 5V pixel a dose of 12V power you know what happens right?  The magic smoke is released and the item is dead.  Game over.  No restarts.  Feeding 5V to a 12V item makes it try to consume 2 1/2 times the amount of current, and what was 4A and safe is now 10A and destroying a trace on a controller.  Fire hot!

Be aware that everyone out there is selling 12V and 5V pixels/bulbs/etc.  Everyone is also selling 12V and 5V power supplies.  You can not mix the two.  Both voltages have their advantages.  Never assume that even when purchasing from the same supplier that the power supply you found is the one needed for the low voltage LED product you found.


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