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travis p

question on ss lay out and output

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i have a 12 ccr lic but when i try and do a 4 ccr instant seq the third ccr circle will not work or load or export .what have i turn off over the years how do i fix it.

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The superstar code only looks at the license level when you go to export the sequence. Instant Sequence does not look at the license level. If there is a CCR that is not getting sequenced it is due to something else. Some things to look at are:

1) In the Instant Sequence dialog box, click on the Timing Map button. Check that there are Freqs selected for all rows. If not, click on the "Set Freq Spectrum" button in the lower left of the dialog box

2) The "Sensitivity" setting in the upper left of the Timing Map dialog box should normally be set at 5. If it is lower than that, set it to 5 or 6

3) In the Instant Sequence dialog box make sure there is a TCM set for each row. In other words, make sure they are not set to "None"

If none of the above fixes the problem let me know.

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