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Adding New Device Error Cannot move 5 channel groups to index 96 (99 channel groups in track)"

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I'm trying to set up my channel configuration for next year.  All I'm doing is adding channels and devices so that I can later import that same configuration.  It will be my master configuration and I'll do all my grouping in tracks later on.

Right now I have the first 5 controllers set up which are CTB 16s.  I then added 2 CMB24D RGB controllers.  All good so far.

Then I tried to add a CF50D flood by using insert device.  It gives me a pop-up error which states that it cannot add device. With the explanation of "Cannot move 5 channel groups to index 96 (99 channel groups in track)".

When I hit it repeats the error, but if I hit cancel it appears to add the device, but I notice the undo/redo button don't account for the add device action so if I want to undo it I have to manually delete the channel.  I pulled up the Channel Configuration editor and it all appears to be ok... But I'd hate to have this error rear its ugly head a year from now when I try to sequence based on this new configuration.  (I don't have all of this equipment yet, I'm trying to do the configuration to do a purchase plan. So I can't test it right now).

What does the error mean, and how do I add channels/devices at this point?  I have experimented with multiple device types, etc. and I can't seem to go beyond what I already have added into my configuration.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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I updated my software today to the new 4.3.18 just to make sure it wasn't a bug in the older software.  The first thing I tried was creating a new animation with just one channel.  I then chose add device below and tried to add a CF50D and got the error.  I tried add above and got the same error.  Is it just that a bug that I can't add a CF50D, can anyone else verify?  I can always add them manually by adding RGB channels etc...  But it would be easier to add the 4 floods by device.


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