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Nubie with alphapix4, CTB16pc and 27ch RGB

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I'm a newbie please help!!!!

i have 2 CTB16pc set up as DMX universe 1 ch 1-32 then then & 2x9 ch RGB controllers universe 1 ch 33-86. Running out of the Alphapix 4 from holidaycoro. 

My pixel garage are start from universe 2 ch1 to 400

first question: do I start a new universe for my next prop and wasted 112 channels or I can continue with that same universe because I saw the "carry on" option but don't know what's that mean. 

Question #2: I have lots of sequences with 32ch under LMS files, how can I convert it or combine it with the new PE files or I have to do it all over again from scratch be cause I tried to copy from SE and paste to PE that doesn't work. 

Is there any link beside the PE tutorial 1&2 from LOR website???? Thank you so much!!!


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