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Comm Listener error 3: Comm Winsock Error

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So took a shot at expanding the system a bit with a SanDevice 6804 and now stumped.


"Comm Listener error 3: Comm Winsock Error" about every three seconds whenever I add the DMX network to the LOR Network Configuration panel.  Nothing will then work as I am getting this error repeatedly.

Current System:

  • 11 CTB16s - pushing about 28k LEDs
  • 4 CMD-24D - pushing dumb ribbons and LOR floods
  • USB485B
  • v4.1.2 Advanced on dedicated light PC
  • Light PC is a HP laptop with Win7

What I have done:

  • Laptop wireless is off (via hardware switch) and the laptop and SansDevice are on their own dedicated network with unique router.  I can navigate to the SansDevice website from laptop and run a test pattern just fine (rules out a lot).
  • LOR network is running on COMM5 and works just fine as long as no DMX networks are in the LOR Network Configuration panel.
  • SansDevice is set to Multicast (I have tried unicast as well)
  • I have tried just adding one universe as well (versus the two in screenshot) - same issue

Thoughts on what else I can do to resolve COMM issue?  I found some old info in forums, but nothing recent that seemed applicable (v3, reinstalling windows, Smart DMX, etc).







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Your Protocol port looks wrong, it should be 5568 and not 2105568. Click on the IP address and a DMX Universe box should open. On the right column "Use E1.31" should be checked and below that the IP address if using Multicast or whatever IP address you put in for Specify (Unicast), below that there should be a Port # of 5568.

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15 minutes ago, smithzone said:

Okay, makes sense on the DMX port - I will update those to "5568"

is "8877" appropriate for the COMM listener port?



Yes, 8837 is correct.

Edited by Mr. P

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