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Brian Rees

DMX Universe - Partial Lit Channels

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This is my first year with DMX and LOR.  (7th Year with LOR)

I am having issues with one of my universes and I could use some ideas.

I have a total of 5 universes outlining the roof of my house.
Universe 1-3 Row 1
Universe 5-6 Row 2

Each universe is attached to an RGB Strip (ws2811) 

(at times) My Universe 2 - I only have the first 5 channels lit.  The rest of the lights are off.    Or ALL the channels are stuck on a color instead of running through the display.

I have swapped out the lights.  (The new lights worked for a day or two)
I swapped out the connector and the extension cable.

I  even plugged Universe 2 into my Universe 1 port.  (Did the same thing)

I have order more lights from Ray's (But it might be a while before I get my new lights)

Is there anything I might be missing?  



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The one that is having issues is the closest to the controller.  Its attached with a 9 foot extension.  

Yes. I have tested with the controller in test mode.  Some times it works.. some times it doesn't.   

I originally thought it was the LED strand.  But I replaced it and the new strand did the same thing (After a day or two)


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 remove your 9 foot extension and in its place put in 16 gauge wire that you would find in any of the green extension cords you buy at a hardware store. I buy those green extension cords when they're on sale and I use the wire for connecting my pixels. With that wire you'll have less voltage drop and get longer distances consistently. You do not need to connect it directly to the strip just within the first 6 or 8 inches of the wire coming out of the strip. v+ = white, v- = black, data = green,

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