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Long gap between songs

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After a year two years off, I am putting up my LOR display this year. Everything works as it should but when the show runs, there is a 20-30 second gap between songs. This is the first time this has ever happened. I am way behind in upgrading my computer and software. I am running and old Dell computer( only used for LOR) and version 2.3.8.( will be upgrading to newer version after this year). 

I tried a previous saved show from years past and it still had the same delay which makes me believe it is my computer. I have deleted all programs not associated with LOR with no success. 

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can try? 

Thank You


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Is there a lot of dead time at the end of each sequence? If so, you can reduce the total time of each sequence in the Sequence Editor. I've had to shave off a few "dead" seconds of some songs myself.  Sorry, I know that sounds trivial but without seeing your sequences I'm just trying a shot in the dark. 

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The show player does not have much of a CPU load, so a fairly old computer will do. I'm running a seven or eight year old HP desktop running Windows XP with about 5,000 channels.

One thing I want to ask is if you look at the show status window, did it by chance say that it was loading each sequence, and then exporting as a compressed sequence? If that's the case, it will only happen once for each sequence, and I can explain that in more detail if needed.

I will tell you that an upgrade from S2.3.8 to S4 is a major change. My recommendation would be unless you really need to, wait until after this season, just so you don't have to learn a bunch of new stuff right at crunch time. With that said, once you get used to S4, you will be glad you made the jump.

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