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Newbie needs help Pixel Editor & Visualizer

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I have purchased the LOR software S4 Pro. A Pixie 8 controller and a normal CTB16PC controller. 

The Pixie is going to be used to run my roofline, 2 strings of 100 brilliant bulbs from Hoikday Coro. I am trying to set up my props in the pixel editor and not quite sure how to show the roofline on a 2D grid. I am confused on how to accurately diagram the roofline as some parts are the same elevation from the ground (around my garage) and other parts increase in elevation upto the peak of the roof (sides of the house). Should I use the Visulizer first or just the pixel editor props? Should I use the custom tab in the pixel editor prop menu?

I am using the 16 controller of a small tree with Led AC powered lights. Can I control this prop in the pixel editor too? How do I activate the enhanced LOR network?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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