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Snow White Magic Mirror 2016 Display

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Over the years I have looked at a way of automating various Halloween displays and while I see a lot of use for LoR for christmas displays it has filled my needs as a great way to automate my Halloween displays between various lights, objects, servos and getting them all to work together! 

Here is a video of my 2016 display!  Magic mirror is controlled by a servo by a FrightProps picoTALK! Pumpkins all have a lightbulbs in them and are controlled by the LoR! I used a 16 channel kit., LoR controlls all the ambient lighting, wicked witch, mirror and pumpkins! 






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The above video shows mainly the mirror and a partial sequence of the 7 pumpkins! This shows a longer view of the 2 sequences for pumpkins and a longer view of the mirror itself! 


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