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Ok, so I have a pixel matrix I made for the front window. I am trying to create it in the visualizer using the wizard. The matrix is 25 pixels wide with 28 rows high. I have divided it up into 7 universes with 100 pixels per universe. It is layed out starting at the lower left and 25 pixels right then 25 back to the left and so forth. In the wizard if I select zig zag does it automatically know that row 1 is pixells 1-25 and row 2 is pixels 50-26  row 3 is pixels 51-75 and row 4 is pixels 100-76?  This will be important when setting up the fixture properties when assigning universe numbers and starting pixel. Would I do universe 1 pixel 1 then universe 1 pixel 26 or 50? Am I making sense? As always, thanks in advance.


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