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Audio Pop Between Sequences on LOR1602W g3-MP3 controller

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I've done several searches through the forums and can't seem to find anyone else having this issue. 

I'm getting a loud thump or a pop in the audio when the show is triggered from the switch contacts or when changing over from one sequence to the next.  We're setting this up with a standalone sound system for the Christmas lighted tree in a local mall.  The pop is just not going to be acceptable to the owners.

The pops and thumps are not in the sequences.  I've checked all of them closely and there's no noise there at all.  The show was put together from the LOR MP3 tab on the hardware program and downloaded to the SD card.  The show runs fine; it's just the pops that are driving me buggy.

Anyone have any ideas?

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This sounds like it may be interference within your audio system. We have the same problem when triggering fog machines with LOR. Are you running your audio with balanced connections (XLR cables) or with unbalanced connections (this would include 1/4" cabling or headphone cables)? Is your wiring for the trigger run right next to your wiring for sound? 


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Definitely not interference.  I was testing the SD card show and came straight out of the 1/8" TRS on the LOR1602-g3-MP3 controller and straight into a test amp (6' shielded cable).  It sounds more like a "power on" thump that you would normally hear when when you would turn on an amplifier or sound system the wrong way.

One thing I did notice though, was that I was getting a 'no comm' message on all the other controllers when it was waiting for me to trigger the show from the external contacts.  Once triggered, the message went away.  Does the g3-MP3 go to sleep or turn off prior to the show being initiated or while executing the 'delay' between shows?

When I run the show from the laptop (and take the audio from there also), there are no pops or thumps.  But then again, I'm not initiating the show from the MP3 controller contact.

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