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PixCon Troubleshooting in Network Configuration

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Hello everyone,


I have been having an issue for the past few months now. Every time I go into network configuration and click the "Find/Configure PixCon16", the window will open and I'll see a list of all the controllers I have connected. When I click on one of the controllers (even if it's been set up before), I get an box that comes up saying "The device configuration could not be loaded. This could be due to a hardware problem, a network problem, or a configuration issue. Would you like to run the troubleshooter?" Most of the time I run the troubleshooter and end up giving it a default static IP address and then I'm able to go into the configuration window.  The controllers work fine after I get them set up.


The issue I'm having is I don't want to have to change the IP address every time I connect the controllers or turn my computer on. It's become a real pain to have to do it for each controller each time I go into configuration window. I've tried running it from different PC's and each time I get the same window. If anyone knows how to prevent this or help me figure out what's going on that'd be great because I've tried everything I know. 



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