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How to lengthen SuperStar timeline from 5 mins default

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Does SuperStar have a function to add time to an existing sequence?  When a new sequence in SuperStar is launched, the new sequence defaults to 5 minutes.  The sequence I am using does not have an audio track, but is just a sequence I use to test some effects.   I'm reaching the 5 minute length.



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Yes you can.  This edit of the xml file is very easy to do.  Note that manually editing the xml file CAN EASILY result in the file not being able to be opened by SuperStar,so be VERY careful to save the file with a NEW filename, so you go back to a working version if you mess it up.  When you save it, make sure notepad does not try to add .txt to the end of the filename, and make sure that in Notepad, in the menu under Format, DO NOT have "Word Wrap" enabled - as that will mess it up.

If you open the file with Notepad, the first line will look something like this:

<SuperStarMetaFile saveFileVersion="2" sequenceCentisecondLength="30000" musicFilename="">

The Sequence CentisecondLength is the time in hundredths of a second.  Therefore, 30000 is 300 seconds,or 5 minutes.  change the value to something more to your needs and save with a new filename.  In the example below, I changed it down to 45 seconds.

<SuperStarMetaFile saveFileVersion="2" sequenceCentisecondLength="4500" musicFilename="">

BTW, if it is a musical sequence, the line will look something like this:

<SuperStarMetaFile saveFileVersion="6" audioCentisecondLength="20497" sequenceCentisecondLength="20497" musicFilename="Audio\08 - Christmas Eve - Sarajevo 12-24.mp3">

Normally the audio and sequence lengths will match.  In this case 204.97 seconds, or 3 minutes, 24.97 seconds.  That length dictated by the audio file.


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Excellent, that worked!!   


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