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4.3.12 & Network Config & PixCon16

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I'm jumping the gun here a little bit, but we will be releasing 4.3.12 shortly.  When we do, if you have a PixCon16 please check the following for us.

Please use the Network Preferences program and try to configure your board.  I am seeing some strangeness that I can't pin down to a computer issue, network issue, or issue with the config program itself.  I can only repeat this on one computer so it's a bit strange.

Here is what is happening to me:

Start Net Prefs.  Press Find/Cfg Pixcon16 button
List populates with my PixCon16 and shows correct data
Click the PixCon16 line.  Program sits and spins trying to load the cfg of the board.  It never times out or shows an error.  Give it a minute or two.
Click the 'X' to close the list.  
The program will offer to run the troubleshooter.  Do so.  Keep answering YES to force the troubleshooter to give the board a new static IP.
You will get a message that the board is set to a new static IP.  Wait about 20 seconds or so for the program to be responsive again (or click the LOR/DMX tabs and see if it switches.  If it does you are ready)
Press the Find/Cfg PixCon16 button
List populates with the PixCon16 at the new IP address
Click the line.  The config can now be changed.
Exit the Net Config program completely

Repeat the steps.  On the second try, does the program again spin after clicking the line with the PixCon16 in it?

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