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Spring 2019 Mad Grab Sale Frequently Asked Questions

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The 2019 Spring Sale is now Over
2019 Spring Mad Grab Sale Frequently Asked Questions:
  •  You are all sold out!  What a scam!  

The spring inventory reduction sale, also known as the 'Mad Grab' sale, has limited quantities of each item, and things tend to sell out very quickly.  Also, not all items we sell are on sale during the Mad Grab.  Once the limited quantity is gone for a sale item, they are gone.  We may have additional quantities available of certain items, but at regular prices.  

  • I missed the notification/did not get the notification/didn't realize the sale was on.  Can I have sale prices?

No, sorry.  The Spring Sale is time and quantity limited.  Once it is over, it is over.

  • I went to the order page for an item and it was in stock.  When I checked out it said you were out of stock!  What a scam!

Again, quantities are limited, and in some cases very limited.  An item is not removed from stock until the order is complete and paid.  That means that 10 people could put the last one of an item into their cart, but only the first person to complete checkout will get the item.  The other 9 orders will be rejected.  We do this in order to be fair to everyone and prevent a few people from tying up all the stock by simply placing an item in their cart and not checking out.

  • I heard that some people got access to the sale before the general public with some kind of membership!  What a scam!

There is no such thing.  There is nothing you can do to get advanced access to the sale.  What you are reading is an April Fools joke.  Everyone get's access to the sale at the SAME TIME.

  • I signed up on Facebook  for the notifications and didn't get one!  What a scam!   

The only official source of information and the sign up for our mailing list is available on our website.  While we do have a facebook account, the primary place to get information about Light-O-Rama, Sales, etc is our website.  Some LOR employees may have Facebook accounts, but those accounts are for personal uses.  Light-O-Rama and all of it's employees do not use Facebook for company matters.

  • I ordered during the sale but did not get the sale price!  What a scam!

The sale prices are ONLY available from the special sale page we will publish in the online store.  Products on the sale page will have different item numbers than those on our standard product pages.  If you order from the standard page, you will not receive the sale price.  Your order must have the different item number to receive the sale price, no exceptions.

  • Are there any other restrictions/rules/etc?

Yes.  Please see the official sale page for more information.  Quantity and Total order value may be limited.

  • How long before my order ships?

We receive a huge influx of orders during any sale, and so it may be a few weeks before we can process and ship your order.  You will receive an eMail from us when your order does ship.

  • Did you get my order?

Unless there is an issue with your order, please refrain from opening tickets and/or calling in asking if we received your order, if your order is lost, etc. If you have an order number (which starts with YHST- ) your order will be processed. 

  • How does shipping work?

We strive to ship all orders in FIFO (first in, first out) order. At our discretion we may hold your order and/or ship to you in multiple shipments. If we do ship in multiple shipments, you will not be charged for the additional shipping costs (if any).

We understand that you may be out of town/etc and don't want a package sitting at your front door. If that is the case, please open a help desk ticket and we can hold shipping your order until you return. We can not guarantee a shipping date for any order during the sale, but we can hold an order until you are ready to receive it.

As always, we ship Monday through Friday. Depending on volume and availability, some orders may ship much faster than others.

  • Can you combine shipping on two or more orders?

We can try.  Please make every effort to place a single order with everything you would like to order.  However, we realize that sometimes you may forget something and need to place another order.  Please open a help desk ticket and give us both order numbers.  We will do our best to combine them, however we can not guarantee that we can.   You are responsible for any additional shipping charges, but those charges SHOULD be less than sending 2 separate orders.

  • How do Paypal/Credit Card/Debit Card Authorizations work?

When you place your order, we ask Paypal or your CC company/bank for an authorization for the amount of the order. This authorization is not an actual charge, however it may impact your available credit and/or available cash for debit accounts. These holds are beyond our control, and you will need to contact your Bank or CC company about them.

At our discretion, we may charge your payment method before we ship.  If we elect to wait, we will charge your payment method when we are ready to ship your order.  Please note that your CC or Paypal authorization may expire before your order ships.  If you used Paypal, you may receive an eMail about this expiration and the funds being held (if any) will be released. If this should happen to you please continue to monitor your eMail.  When your order is ready to ship we will simply send you a new Paypal request for the amount due.  Follow the instructions on that request to approve the charge.

In all cases, you should ensure you have sufficient credit or cash available in the account for your purchase at all timesWe are not responsible for over limit and/or bounced check charges if you fail to maintain the needed balance or credit line.

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