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Approved Vendor List - Events/Gatherings

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Going forward events that require or request donations for attendance will be considered Vendors.
This thread is a list of events and/or gatherings that are on the 'Approved' list. Please remember - The approved vendors are not endorsed or supported by Light-O-Rama. The approved vendors are simply those companies who are permitted to advertise on the Light-O-Rama forums.

Here now is the list of currently approved events/gatherings. If you are going to hold an event and you are not on this list, please contact myself or Dan (via lightorama.com/support) to request placement on this list.
If your event has an official web site, please send it to LORAdmin. This will eliminate the possibility of the wrong site being listed for your event.
Vendor: Christmas Expo
Website: ChristmasExpo.com
Owner: Joyce and Janice
Product/Service: New owners of the Christmas Expo, posting information about the events each year.

Vendor: Lone Star Holidays
Website: http://www.lonestarholidays.com
Event: Florida Mini
Coordinator: Michael B
Event: Jersey Epic
Coordinator: Dan Ancona
Event: Light-Up-Ohio
Coordinator: Bill Hoffman
Event: ACDC
Coordinator: terrypowerz
Event: PacNW Regional C.L.A.P.
Coordinator: zman
Event: Virginia Mini
Coordinator: Andy Anderson

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