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Two Strings - One Unit ID

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Hello everyone. I'm building a star using two strings of CCPs (100 total pixels) that are plugged into one LOR controller. I'm trying to build the star in Visualizer and export to Superstar for sequencing.

 Im using CCR draw wizard to draw the two strings - unfortunately, I keep getting an error message staying:

"errors and try again.
The CCD on Network/Unit Regular/8,when assembled has duplicate pixels.  The following fixtures should be checked:
--Star Out - CCR 1 (Start Pixel=1  Next start pixel should be 51 or higher.)
--Star Mid - CCR 1 (Start Pixel=1)"

Unfortunately there's no option to start the next prop at pixel #51. What am I doing wrong? How can I get both strings configured on the same controller?

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Always seems that as soon as you post to the forums, you find the solution. Seemed to be a configuration issue in Hardware Utility. Thanks all.

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I would assume the solution was to set the CCP controller to Dual Normal mode.  That means that each string will have a separate Unit ID - even though they are actually using the same controller.  That's the way I run my six CCP strings.


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