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01/29/2016 Forum Upgrade FAQ's

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Some FAQ's about the new forums.

Q: How do I see new posts?
A: At the top of the screen you will find a "New Content" button. You will then see items such as "All Activity" and "Unread Content." You can actually modify Unread Content to show you just what you want. This exact feature was available on the previous version of the forums, and people had to configure this back then as well.

Q: What features were removed with this upgrade?
A: Hopefully none. If you find something is missing, please bring it to our attention and we'll investigate what the issue may be.

Q: What about Tapatalk?
A: As of 01/30/2016 it's not enabled. We're going to let the forum 'bake' a few days before making any further software additions. It's removal is *not* intentional. It is hoped that it will be back soon.

Q: Why the upgrade?
A: There were complaints on the previous version that profile pictures were not able to be changed. A work around was found, but it was determined that work-around presented other issues which could cause significant issues in the long term. With the numerous security updates in the newer versions, the decision was made to upgrade.

Other Questions? Send them to LORAdmin.

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