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Bug fix releases 3.12.4, 4.0.40, and 4.1.4 released

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We have just released bug fix versions of three release branches: Versions 3.12.4, 4.040, and 4.1.4.  All three of these are intended to fix the same bug, which is a problem where garbage that looks like Chinese text will sometimes appear in the LOR Control Panel's status window, sometimes associated with a temporary (but noticeable) "freeze" in the show.


Important: We have previously released this same fix for versions 4.2 and 4.3 (which are the current official release branch and the current beta release branch, respectively).  If you are experiencing this issue, in most cases we recommend that you upgrade to version 4.2.12 (or version 4.3.4 if you are using the beta).  We only recommend upgrading to version 3.12.4, 4.0.40, or 4.1.4 if your license does not cover version 4.2.


You can download these installers from the following locations:


Version 3.12.4: www1.lightorama.com/downloads/3.12.4/LOR-3.12.4.exe


Version 4.0.40: www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.0.40/LOR-4.0.40.exe


Version 4.1.4: www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.1.4/LOR-4.1.4.exe


Version 4.2.12: www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.2.12/LOR-4.2.12.exe


Version 4.3.4: www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.3.4/LOR-4.3.4.exe

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