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sequences not playng correctly.

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 I have 2 controllers.  I have used the same sequences for 4 years.  One controller runs the lights on the house and the other rins 2 holiday coro singing Christmas trees.  It worked fine last year and I have changed nothing on my computer.  I just pot up my lights and hooked up the computer.  The songs and music play like they are supposed to and in order and when I view the animation in the sequence editor everything is fine but the lights do not flash as they are programmed to.  As I said I have used these same sequences for 4 years and changed nothing on my computer.  I would appreciate any help that might be available.  

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Do you possibly have your controllers swapped? If not that then I'd start checking cat5 cords. 

Check your com ports on your computer to see if they're still assigned.

Use the hardware unit to see if it sees the controller.

Stupid question but do the controllers have power? A blown fuse perhaps?

Is lights off checked on your sequence editor?

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