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BL05 v4.3.0 Visualizer time running backwards

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On 11/22/2015 at 2:45 PM, PhilMassey said:

One Little Mistake.........................


This was the testing code I left in:


If -1 < 0 then


Right above it was the correct line commented out:


If TimeGetTIme() < 0 then



For those of you who were wondering....  


Yes, time can run backwards.  Well, not really.  What happens is that after 24 1/2 days or so the clock counter rolls over into bit 32.  That is important since the last bit (which may actually be the first bit, or the ... well..... don't EVEN get me going on little endian big endian twos compliment crud) in some languages is the SIGN bit.  That is, if bit 32 = 1 this is a negative number.  That's the way it is in the Visualizer - we have SIGNED doubles (32 bit numbers).  The problem is that TImeGetTime returns an UNSIGNED double.  


So here comes 24 1/2 days + 1 mS.  TIme Get Time will now return 2147483648 as the current counter.  In Binary that is 10000000 00000000 00000000 00000001.  Thanks to the way Twos Compliment works along with the signed variable, unsigned value, that turns into an insanely huge negative number.  Subsequent calls will now show the value getting BIGGER (less negative, but still negative).  Time is now running backwards.


Can I code around that?  Sure I could.  But frankly, after 24 and 1/2 days you really SHOULD reboot the beast! ;)


(or at least something close.  I'm too tired to go look up exact numbers and binary reps.  You get the idea.)

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