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Hi Guys,


I've been looking at LOR products for some time now and I'm now considering to put a small system together at home, I've attached a photo of the front of my house


What I was thinking of doing to start with was to highlight the windows, doors, and general building outline with RGB ribbon and hang some icicle lights from the guttering. What I would like to do is build on this each year, but I thought this would be a good starting point.


Would like to hear what you guys would recommend.


Thanks for your time.



I have the following to highlight if above does not work

- 1 x double size garage door

- 1 x front door (in a small alcove)

- 1 x 1 large window (Approx. 5ft from floor of front door)




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Take this picture of your home and print out several copies. Then start drawing strings on it with the ideas of how you wish to control them or how you want them to appear. You become the artist and only you know what you would like to see. On the garage door I remember seeing large full size banners that would cover the whole door with a Christmas scene. Of course you could get into VDO Mapping and do the whole house easily with projection and its really cool! Your yard would allow for a nice spiraled megatree there but that's a lot of channels. Other considerations are of course your music selections and whatever you wish to hear/sequence. FM radio transmission and/or speakers to the yard. Other props as you may wish...the possibilities are endless and its just your imagination to make it happen

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