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Looking for Feedback - PixCon16 IP Troubleshooter

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I realize that if you are brave enough to use Beta software you are probably also computer savvy enough to know how to properly IP address a PixCon16 BUT......


I'm looking for some feedback on the IP Troubleshooter that was built into the Network Preferences on the last release.  If you have a PixCon16 please set it to a 'bad' IP and then see if the IP Troubleshooter can fix it for you.  The only way it will run is if you can not configure a board that is in the list - basically an IP that is not on the same sub-net.


I tried to account for as many different scenarios as I could, but I probably only scratched the surface on what can go wrong.


Try any number of configurations if you can - DHCP (computer and board), DHCP (computer and board), multiple NICs (both DHCP and not DHCP).


If you experience an issue, please let me know.  You may need to give me your network configuration, etc.

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The trouble shooter did help me do setup on my desktop PC, but still gave me an error on my laptop.  However, the laptop did finally configure it.  Not sure why or how, but it's working now.  Only problem now is not all the pixels are lighting.  I started a message under hardware, Pixcon doesn't light all pixels.

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