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Using LOR to trigger foot pad props

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Now we're talkin. Keep me posted. :)

Holy heck, it's working!!! (With one small caveat, which I think I know how to fix, but I want your opinion).

It actually only turns the zombie on when the circuit goes OFF from an already ON position. In other words, turning it ON does nothing. Only turning it ON, then OFF does it.

So, basically, in my programming, I'd just want to turn the channel on then off each time I want to activate?

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Just programmed it as I mentioned, and ran the whole show with triggers and all, and I am FULLY operational.

You guys are seriously the best. It's what makes this hobby doable for a dumb army grunt like myself!

Thank you so much for your patience!!

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Sweet!! Glad to hear it's working!!!


And you're no dumb army grunt. You're serving our country. And I thank you for that.

Myself retired with 26 years Air Force/Air National Guard appreciates any person in the military, AND their families.



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