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Sequence Editor UI enhancements

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Another couple requests that I believe would improve the speed of using the Sequence Editor...


1. It would be great to be able to adjust the keyboard shortcut bindings.  Most people are used to Fade p, Fade [D]own, [del]Off, [O]n, etc, but I think these should be changeable so that you could, for example, put the most popular tools on your left hand, freeing your right hand for the mouse.  Moreover, I think it would be great to be able to assign keyboard shortcuts to arbitrary commands, including sub-commands (eg, [C]ustom [T]winkle Fade p).  The less time I have to spend going back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse, the better.


2.  I think the toolbox on the left should be more dynamic.  It would be great to drag sub-command dialogs over there, eg the intensity tool settings/options.


3.  Some additional scrolling options would be nice too. The mouse-wheel and page-up/page-down keys do their thing for up and down, but a shortcut for left-right would be sweet (I'm guessing a side-scrolling mouse would help me out here -- my mouse has a wheel that is also a middle-click, but that seems to do the same as left-click).


4.  While we're on the subject of scrolling, how about a way to customize what happens when playback is stopped?  The use-case is, you've played the last 15 seconds of work, and the window scrolled to the right.  When you stop, the selection stays where playback stopped.  How about an option to do that OR go back to where playback started (the cell or column that was selected)?  This way you can [space]Play, [space]Stop, and [space]Play again.  Play Again does this, but there's no shortcut, and you can't go back to editing immediately, you have to scroll back and locate the cell/channel you were working with.



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Custom keyboards are already there.

Edit - preferences - keyboard.

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