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Version 4.0.18 recalled

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Earlier today we released version 4.0.18 as an open beta.  We have decided to pull it, based on an issue that we discovered after release.  We expect to fix the issue by tomorrow, and release a version 4.0.20 that includes everything from 4.0.18 plus the fix.


If you have previously installed 4.0.18, there's probably no great need to uninstall - the issue will not cause any damage to your save files or anything like that.  Rather, it's a problem running the Hardware Utility.  So unless you really need to use the Hardware Utility before tomorrow, it should be OK to just keep 4.0.18.  If you do really need to use the Hardware Utility before tomorrow, though, we recommend that you:


(1) Stop all of your running programs, especially LOR programs, including doing an "Unload Light-O-Rama" from the LOR Control Panel's right-click popup menu.


(2) Uninstall LOR 4.0.18.


(3) Reinstall LOR 4.0.16.  You can get the LOR 4.0.16 installer from either:








Sorry for the inconvenience.


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