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RB03: Pixel Editor Migration Tool ommited Non-Pixel RGB Props/Fixtures

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Report Number: RB03

Module: Pixel Editor

Software Version: 4.0.12

OS Version: Windows 7 (64 bit)

Attempted to Migrate a sequence created in S3 3.12.2 into the Pixel Editor 4.0.12.  A total of 24 fixtures would not export into the Pixel Editor. All elements were in Migration list except these 24. Once imported into the PE, the sequence was checked and all elements played in the PE as expected except the above mentioned fixtures. These fixtures are non-pixel, RGB elements. One other prop, also a non-pixel, RGB element, played as expected. The only other prop that did not play is a 6 channel, non-RGB star (LED).


Next step in the process was to delete the channel info in the .lms file. This was completed. When opening the saved .lms file, the 6 channel star and the 24 items mentioned above, were not deleted from the existing channels. However, in the PE Props section, colored aqua, these elements were present as if they were migrated over. They did not play in the S4 visualizer as well. There was a flash of the 6 channel star, periodically, but was for a fraction of a second.




Attempted this several times with the same result. I have yet to try the migration in 4.0.14. 


The original sequence was created in 3.12.12 and later transferred to 4.0.12.



I have included a link to a Dropbox folder which has everything that was created in the Pixel Editor.







***There is a work-a-round for this, however. I copied the PE visualizer and removed the conflicted fixtures/props. I then used the Migration procedure to migrate all other pixel data. Once saved in the PE, prop info removed and then migrated prop channels removed from the SE, leaving the conflicted props/fixtures in the SE, I got it to work. Obviously this is not the most efficient way to do it, but it worked. Luckily, I only have to do this 10 or 12 times to get what I already have sequenced into the new format.***

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I've read your post several times trying to make sure I understand it. So with your workaround, you have the sequence for the 24 non-pixel (aka dumb) rgb elements in the SE correct? For your 2015 show you will sequence those 24 elements in the SE and the pixel-based elements in the PE. Do I have that correct?


At this point, the PE migration tool is only for pixel-based elements. Based on what you have posted here, I don't plan on changing that.


For your 24 dumb rgb elements, the quick fix would have been to go into PE's preview design window and for each of those elements, change the "Sequence Method" box to "Traditional" (Traditional=Sequence Editor). This way, they would have played back correctly in both PE and SE.


For the next beta release, the items in the Sequence Method drop-down will be "Pixel Editor" and "Sequence Editor" (the word "Traditional" I think was confusing).


Please let me know if I've misinterpreted your comments. Thanks for testing!



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Yes, you have it correct. All of my sequencing is done in Superstar and then moved to the SE. I most likely will not use the PE for sequencing. I just can't get the level of control I like to have.

I'll try the traditional sequence method and see if it works for my situation. I'm waiting on the next release to finish, because I discovered a bug in Superstar, that Brian has fixed and will be in the next release.

Once I have the sequences that were done in S3 swapped over, everything from SS will be saved as a intensity file or, as a lms and swapped over like I'm doing now.

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Using the Traditional setting for the 24 props in question, allowed me to see those props in the PE, Just as you said. It also allowed all elements except those to be exported properly. It did exactly what my work-a-round did, with the exception of, I used the full PE visualizer instead of the modified one in my OP. 


The funny thing about what you posted yesterday about the Non-Pixel elements (dumb), The Bethlehem star in my visualizer, which is dumb nodes, exported just fine. Just the 16 stars and the 8 mini trees, did not. I suppose, and this is purely speculation, because the Bethlehem star prop is actually 3 channels instead of one, the PE treated it as a 3 pixel prop. 


Anyway, it all works as expected now.


Thanks Matt.

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